Garden Walls

We build Garden Walls for any size of garden. All of the Garden Walls photos below are our own work.

Garden Walls

Garden walls are generally for retaining the soil at a higher level whether terracing a sloping site or creating raised beds.

Living Garden Wall Living Garden Wall

Of the construction methods the most common, and generally least expensive, are sleeper walls and those built of concrete blocks. Walls of this latter material often with a rendered surface subsequently coloured.

Sleeper walls are relatively quick to build and, after weathering, can blend into an informal setting. However be aware that many ‘new’ treated sleepers, although clean, have a relatively short life (of around 8 years) before showing signs of rotting. Old, reclaimed, sleepers will generally last much longer but many ooze tar in warm weather and are not therefore ‘child friendly’. Nonetheless sleeper retaining walls can be a good choice in the right situation. We construct them with overlapping joints and secured to each other with high tensile fasteners.

Concrete block walls can be constructed more quickly than brick, and other materials. They are useful in situations where a high wall, retaining significant pressure loads, is necessary. Generally laid flat, with additional buttressing if required and adequately provided with ‘weep’ holes, their inherent ‘hard’ appearance can be acceptable. Indeed as part of a modern, minimalistic, garden when rendered, and perhaps capped with a decorative material, a wall of this type can be very fitting.

Brick walls, generally made of bricks that match the property, are often an obvious choice. Walls constructed with ‘York’ or another local stone generally look ‘softer’ and may incorporate niches to house suitable plants. This later form of construction is a little more demanding in time and skill but can be exactly ‘right’ in a traditional garden.

However, whatever the garden, we are always pleased to offer advice on this, or any other aspect, of your new garden. We have the skill and years of experience to help you choose what fits in with your needs and aspirations.