White of Witchampton - Gardening Examples

This page is an ongoing diary of the work we have recently completed. It helps you get an idea of the kinds of work we do, but whatever gardening or landscaping job you have in mind contact us for a chat or a quote.

Shapwick, garden makeover

A dried-out grass bank being removed to be replaced in Shapwick The new bank - less maintenance and no drying out - Shapwick

The grass was removed from the slope. Bank grass dried out in summer and also became more difficult to mow for the mature couple.

Sandbanks, Poole garden makeover

A tired lawn with a few shrubs - about to be transformed in Sandbanks, Poole The same corner of the garden once we had finished work - Sandbanks, Poole

This rear garden was a tired lawn with a few shrubs. The customer was keen to have it turned into something she could enjoy but was quite anxious because of difficulty in visualising the proposed result. Step by step reassurance and detailed explanation increased customer confidence, and the end result delighted. The photographs show a corner of the garden before work commenced and the end result.

Sandbanks, Poole garden with water feature

Making a small pond with build in gravel bed filtration and waterfall - Sandbanks, Poole A small pond with build in gravel bed filtration and waterfall in Sandbanks, Poole

These photographs show a small pond with build in gravel bed filtration and waterfall in the process of construction, and with the completed result.

Functional project in Ashley Heath, Dorset

Decking and paving in Ashley Heath, Dorset Decking and paving in Ashley Heath, Dorset

The requirement was to link an external office with the house by decking, and the decking to the garden with a strip of paving.

The decking used was Twinson composite material which is extremely stable and slip resistant even when wet. The frame was constructed of Iroka beams laid on concrete blocks set onto a concrete foundation. The paving used was natural sandstone on a full mortar bed and hand pointed with our usual care.

Creating a small border in Woodford, Salisbury

Before planting - Woodford Salisbury After planting and pea shingle mulch - Woodford Salisbury

A simple plan was created to show the proposed shape of the new border together with details of the tree and plants to be used. The border was marked out with a coloured line spray. The border was prepared, planted and a 'pea shingle' mulch applied to help control future weed growth and aid moisture retention.

The specimen size tree has been grown by us and the modest size plants correctly spaced to allow for future growth. We also offer larger size and specimen plants to customers who want 'instant' planting schemes. Watch this space in 6 months' time and we show how the plants have grown to take up the spaces.

Paving project in Wylye, Wiltshire

Preparing ground for new paving - Wylye, Wiltshire Beautiful new paving - Wylye, Wiltshire

The project was to replace a badly laid paved area at the back of a delightful stone cottage in this Wiltshire village. We visited within a day of receiving the call and quoted shortly after on the 20th May. The requirement was straightforward, remove the old material, prepare a properly consolidated base and lay natural limestone paving slabs. But it was required to be completed for a family party at the end of June.

Work started on June 6th and completed 14th June, comfortably ahead of schedule; another very satisfied customer. We can often work to short lead times when necessary.

The photographs show the old paving being removed, and the final pointed surface all ready for the party.

Paving Project in Gussage, East Dorset

Preparing ground for new paving - Gussage, East Dorset Patio, ready to be pointed - Gussage, East Dorset

This is another job for a local customer, for whom we have worked over many years extending and planting the garden. The large paved area behind the house had deteriorated and needed replacement. The chosen material was a tumbled natural lime stone to be laid in a semi-random pattern.

The first picture shows the clearance of the old paving and preparation for the new. The second shows the new paving laid but not yet pointed.

Courtyard Garden in Winterslow, Wiltshire

Laying new paving in courtyard garden - Winterslow, Wiltshire Close up detail of finished paving - Winterslow, Wiltshire

This project was the creation of a courtyard garden in the area created between the end of a charming old country cottage and a new timber framed outbuilding.

The natural sandstone paving was laid, as can be seen, at varying angles for visual interest; this complemented by a path and contrasting areas of reclaimed Belgium brick. In this photograph Garry is pointing and Zak is laying the brick path.

The other image shows a small section of the pointed paving.

Paving and steps - Shaftesbury, Dorset

Paving and steps - Shaftesbury, Dorset Pointing new paving - Shaftesbury, Dorset

An unusual project, this paved area and flight of steps involved laying bespoke, custom made, paving slabs and step modules where the treads and risers are cast as one. The paving slabs are much thicker than usual, vary very slightly in dimension and demand great care and skill in laying to achieve the result shown in the photographs.

Because the risers are integral with the step treads the positioning of each module has to be precise.

Pointing by hand and forcing a strong mortar mix into the gaps finishes off the appearance and guarantees a long, stable, surface.

The customer, a garden designer who also specified the paving material, was very satisfied with the finished result.

Planting in Tarrant Gunville, Dorset

Planting in Tarrant Gunville, Dorset

The photograph shows a just completed local planting job in Tarrant Gunville.

We planted shrubs around this elegant summer house some years ago and were recently asked to return and extend the planting. The plants used, evergreen and deciduous, are a mixture of specimen and large sizes and are mulched with composted pine bark. The planting density is correct for the plant species used and allows for the normal increase in size that occurs with growth. Our customer is "delighted" and "can't wait for the warm weather that will bring the leaves and flowers fully out."

New Borders for property development in Puddletown, Dorset

Garden Borders in Puddletown, Dorset

We were asked by a developer to plant the front borders of a new building site in Puddletown. The work was completed at short notice in time for Easter.

The photograph shows one of the smaller borders with herbaceous plants, topiary and climber, all mulched with pea shingle for moisture retention and weed suppression. The planting scheme had an overall "cottage" theme which was in keeping with the village location. The planting for each property included Box topiary, Wisteria and Clematis on the walls with choice complementary planting. The developer and all those who saw the final result were pleased and impressed.

Beautiful Garden Makeover in Studland, Dorset

Beautiful Garden Makeover in Studland, Dorset

We finished a garden in Studland in which we installed a large deck using a composite non-slip decking board. A 5metre x 3metre pond, with integral gravel bed filtration, is embraced by the curved edge of the deck. The project included planting front and back and the whole carried out to a high standard. The photograph shows the deck after washing down and part of the pond with associated planting.