Grass & Lawns

We lay grass & lawns for any garden. All of the grass & lawn photos below are from work undertaken by ourselves.

Grass & Lawns

Lawns have a lot to answer for! It looks so easy; just get an area levelled, lay the finest quality turf (using a predominance of fine fescues and bents), water a bit and cut it now and again. Wrong!

Lawn Edging Example Lawn Edging Example

Very fine grass varieties will make an excellent lawn if properly looked after. This involves careful watering after laying and until established, then cutting twice a week with a finely set cylinder mower during the growing season (which can be 9 months of the year) and sweeping frost off the surface in the coldest months. There are very few people prepared to give this level of commitment to a lawn.

The practical alternative is; good preparation, a regular good quality turf well laid, watering if necessary (to prevent shrinkage and assist establishment) followed by regular cutting with any reasonable mower. A good cylinder mower is still the best for a fine looking appearance. An edge (preferably metal) to the lawn, carefully installed during preparation will establish the lawn surface (level or sloping) and make it easy to cut the edges afterwards. A well cut edge always adds that little extra to the finish.

If you really do not enjoy cutting grass, but want the appearance of a perfect green lawn, consider artificial grass. This may sound nasty but now there are good materials available that are very convincing. The installation cost is rather more, but the absence of cutting and always ‘looking good’ is quite an incentive. We will be happy to quote either kind of lawn.